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Earth Day at Quaker Farm
A thoughtful and educational video for children of all ages!

Earth Day at Quaker Farm video was created to share the importance of sustainable living choices as they relate to climate change and more. This inspirational video features unique photography from Quaker Farm, including a foal (horse) being born, chick hatching from an egg, a duckling and gosling hatching and much more. Our earth is precious and we need to be good stewards of it. We hope our Earth Day video inspires you to cherish and care for the planet we share. Please pass it on, we hope it can be of use to others, especially perhaps elementary school teachers.

7 Earth Day Ideas from the Quaker Kitchen

1. Plant a Peace Garden. It doesn't have to be a large garden and even a container garden would work. Along with a few pretty blooms, plant some useful cooking herbs that would utilize the space well. If you use containers, be sure they are food grade containers if you are going to grow anything edible.

2. Plant a tree or two. Especially if you have space to do so. Consider planting 1 fast growing type of tree that you will be able to enjoy quick growth from in just a few years, and also plant a nice hardwood tree like an oak or maple tree. They will grow slower, but will be a beautiful benefit to future generations. If you do not have the yard space to plant a tree, consider purchasing a tree and donating it. Just be sure to ask ahead! If you have the space to plant a fruit tree, consider planting even a third tree!

3. Recycle
Look for items to recycle throughout your home, especially in the kitchen. There are so many kitchen items that can be used over and over again. Be creative, think ahead and conserve in every way you can. It is entirely possible for every family to reduce the amount of "trash" being discarded.

4. Turn off the lights.
Consider how much fun it might be to have a candle light dinner once or twice a week!

5. Keep meal menus simple.
Plan ahead, cut down on the use of "convenience foods", and use all leftovers. If you have a dog, leftovers can make excellent dog food!

6. Every day is Earth Day!
Earth day is a concept that should be carried over to each and every day because every single effort counts, no matter how small. The more ways in which each and every person individually helps to conserve resources, the larger the impact of the efforts.

7. Teach
Become an educational resource in your community. Gather together simple sustainable living ideas that you find inspiring and then share that information with others in a creative public demonstration display which could including schools, public libraries and more. Then, encourage others in your community to do the same and assist with their efforts whenever possible! Never forget, enthusiasm is contagious!

The Quaker Kitchen is a growing and ongoing project which will have new classes uploaded regularly. We encourage you to send us your comments and even ideas about the topics you would like to see covered at The Quaker Kitchen. And, visit again soon - we have a lot to learn together!

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee...."
- Numbers 6:24

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