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Michigan Famous Food and Drink
Foods and drinks that are popular in Michigan
Michigan famous food and drink

I have lived in northern Michigan for almost 30 years, here at Quaker Farm. Through the years I have increasingly grown to love Michigan and now consider it my forever home state. Because Michigan is full of so many points of interest, every year I try to visit new places in Michigan and explore the specialities of the area. There is a wide variety of unique and interesting things in this "Great Lake State", most especially food and drink.

Michigan has a wide variety of food and drink specialities famous to the mid west region of the United States. I would like to share with you some of the most popular which are on my top 10, Michigan food and drink favorites.

1. Pasties
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A Pasty is a pie which originated in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. Pasties could be considered a historic Michigan food, specific to Michigan's Upper Peninsula mining history.

Pasties are small hand-held pies traditionally filled with beef, potatoes and rutabaga or turnips. Pasties are semicircular in shape with the circular edge crimped to make a seal.

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, miners commonly ate pasties because they were a portable meal which was easy pack and to take down into the mines. Cornish immigrant mine workers the are credited with first introducing pasties in the Upper Peninsula, but shortly after, pasties became popular with Finnish immigrants in the UP who eventually made pasties famous in the State of Michigan.

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